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House Prep List for Aerial Photography

Shooting a house from the air opens up myriad possibilities to showcase its strengths, from its location in relation to its surroundings to its size and overall layout. But it also opens up possibilities to showcase its weaknesses, especially if the house is not properly prepared for the photoshoot.

Sure, you could engage a photographer and have him or her come out the next day, but I would advise that you sit down with the owner and discuss how to best prepare the property for its moment in the spotlight as seen from the air. After all, first impressions are important, and you and the owner should do all you can to ensure that the house looks good from all angles. To that end, here's a list of items to check off before the aerial photographer shows up:

1. All People Inside

   - Ensure no people are visible during the aerial photography to maintain focus on the property.


2. Vehicle Management

   - Remove all cars from the driveway, and do not park directly in front of the house.


3. Trash and Recycling

   - Tuck trash cans away inside the garage or place them close to the side of the house out of view.


4. Patio and Deck

   - Arrange patio cushions neatly on furniture.

   - Set up umbrellas to add color and dimension to the outdoor space.


5. Pool and Hot Tub

   - Remove the pool cleaner and store it out of sight.

   - Open the hot tub cover to display the interior, making it look inviting.


6. Lawn and Garden

   - Mow the lawn and rake any fallen leaves.

   - Prune overgrown shrubs and remove weeds.

   - Add fresh mulch to garden beds to make the soil look rich and tidy.

   - Decorate with colorful potted plants or flowers to add vibrancy.

aerial photo of a house in the setting sun
House prep prior to aerial photography is a must


7. Roof and Gutters

   - Clean out gutters and remove any debris from the roof.


8. Outdoor Lighting

   - If the shoot is scheduled for late afternoon or early evening, turn on exterior lighting to give the home a welcoming glow.


9. Sports Equipment and Toys

   - Store sports equipment, bicycles, and toys out of sight to minimize clutter.


10. Fences and Walkways

    - Ensure all fences are in good condition and that gates are closed.

    - Sweep walkways and driveways to clear any debris or leaves.


11. Windows and Blinds

    - Clean all windows to remove smudges and streaks.

    - Adjust blinds or curtains to present uniformly; either all open or all closed to ensure a neat appearance from an aerial view.


This list should help ensure that the property is well-prepared and presented in its best light for aerial photography, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

If you'd like, feel free to download the complete list here and share it with the owner!

Prep list for aerial photography
Download PDF • 209KB

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