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Top 5 Overlooked Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Photographer

Choosing the right real estate photographer is crucial in showcasing properties effectively. Often, real estate agents miss asking some key questions that can greatly impact the quality and effectiveness of the photographs. Here are the top five questions that are often overlooked but essential when hiring a new real estate photographer.

1. What is Your Post-Processing Workflow?

While many agents inquire about the shooting process, they often overlook the equally important post-processing phase. Ask about the photographer’s editing process, including their approach to color correction, exposure adjustments, and handling features like window views and shadows. Understanding their post-processing techniques will give you insight into the final look of your property images.

2. Can You Provide Examples of Different Lighting Conditions?

Photographers usually have a portfolio, but it might not cover a wide range of lighting scenarios. Ask for examples of their work in various lighting conditions, such as low light, bright sunlight, and mixed lighting. This will give you a better understanding of how they handle challenging light situations and maintain consistency in image quality.

3. How Do You Handle Tight Spaces or Unique Architectural Features?

Real estate encompasses a variety of properties, from compact apartments to large estates with unique architectural elements. It's important to know how a photographer approaches such diverse spaces. Ask how they maximize small areas or capture the essence of unique architectural features. Their approach can significantly influence the appeal of your listings.

4. What is Your Turnaround Time?

Timing is crucial in real estate. While agents often ask about availability, they sometimes forget to discuss turnaround time. Knowing how quickly you can expect to receive the edited photos helps in planning listings and marketing strategies. It’s also worth discussing the process for rush jobs or tight deadlines.

5. How Do You Ensure Property Safety During a Shoot?

This question is especially pertinent now. Inquire about the photographer’s measures to ensure property safety, particularly in the context of ongoing health concerns. Understanding their approach to safety and respect for the property can be crucial for homeowner peace of mind.


Hiring a real estate photographer is more than just finding someone with a camera and a drone. It’s about understanding their complete process, from handling various lighting conditions and architectural challenges to post-processing and safety protocols. By asking these often-overlooked questions, you can ensure a more informed decision, leading to high-quality photographs that effectively market your properties. Whether showcasing a cozy bungalow or a sprawling estate, these questions can help you find the right photographer to bring out the best in your listings.

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